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As a parent, protecting your child is your number one priority.

At Kids Live Safe, keeping kids safe from predators is our mission.

The Kids Live Safe service is more than a database of registered sex offenders. Kids Live Safe helps thousands of parents, grandparents, and guardians protect their children every day.

Use of the Kids Live Safe site gives you the tools to:

  • Lookup your zip code or address. Search your neighborhood. Find out if any registered sex offenders live near your family.
  • Search offenders by name. Lookup people who interact with your kids or grandkids on a regular basis. Know if you can trust teachers, coaches, clergy, or that friendly carpool driver.
  • View complete profiles of sex offenders. Profiles include photos, name, aliases, address, description, and offenses. See where offenders live, and know what they look like. Teach your children to be aware of potential threats.
  • Sign up for monitoring alerts. Receive emails informing you when offenders move into your area. Monitor your house, your child's school, grandma and grandpa's house. You can set up, up to 4 different monitoring zones, and change them as needed.
  • Set up Emergency Response Profiles. Create detailed profiles of your children in case they are ever lost or abducted. None of us likes to think about it, but IF something ever happened to your child, Emergency Response Profiles quickly help you get word out to the police and your community.
  • Protect your children from online predators. Raising a digital generation adds an extra challenge to parents, these days. Using our internet filtering software, monitor your child's computer, and stay in touch with your teenager's online social activities.

Want to know more? Read Kids Live Safe reviews! Concerned parents will tell you how our service helps them protect their family and gives them peace of mind.

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